Brand Social Report: Art & Business of Creativity

At Our Brand Social Global in October we explored the Art & Business of Creativity.  Inspired by the pressure on CMOs to quantify creativities impact on Business Success we found that the risk of the creative leap is quantifiably worth taking and even better - it does not even need to be that big a risk.  As we learnt from The Business of Fashion and The Long And The Short Of It - creativity will both deliver business success and can be planned to do so.

It was all too much brilliant insight to keep to ourselves so, in partnership with The Akin, we've published a report, The Business of Creativity, which is your one stop guide to persuade your CEO to invest in creativity.

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Creative SuperPowers: Launch date June 28th

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Creative Superpowers is our latest book from Creative Social aiming to get you ready for The Age of Creativity and launches on June 28th.  At its heart is a collection of essays edited by Creative Superheroes Laura Jordan-Bambach, Daniele Fiandaca, Scott Morrison and Mark Earls.  The essays tackle and unpack four primary superpowers empowering you to develop your skills and emerge as a newly fledged Creative Superhero: Hacking, Making, Teaching and Thieving.  To find out all about our book and to sign-up to receive a copy go here.