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Welcome to Utopia. Utopia is a culture change business and we help businesses build more purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures — the key to unleashing creativity and gaining competitive advantage. Join us on our journey to build better business.

our focus

inclusive culture

Inclusion is not just about diversity targets. Our methodologies enable the whole organisation to build inclusive cultures that drive productivity, engagement and creativity.

purposeful culture

We’ll take you back to the DNA of the company by working with employees to find your voice; back to the heart of why your business exists.

entrepreneurial culture

We deliver strategies to maximise the value from your teams by embedding agility, removing hierarchy and releasing creativity in everything you do.

our clients

We’re proud of and grateful to the world class organisations we partner with to drive change. It’s not easy constantly striving for Utopia but with our clients by our side we know anything is possible.

our products


Our accelerated change programmes for leadership teams. In just 24 hours we together create strategies for change and the solutions to drive them. All delivered by our disrupt, inspire and rewire methodology.


Our 90m workshops to deep-dive into key topics and identify small actionable changes that make a huge impact.  Hacking sessions cover social mobility, mental health, masculinity, purpose, empathy, neuro-diversity to name a few.


Our love of curating events that drive change based on 10 years experience of doing exactly that. Fuelled by our Speaker Agency comprised of people who evoke empathy, curiosity, inspiration and joy.

our utopians


Bejay Mulenga

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towards utopia


creative superpowers

Described as “the modern skillset for creative problem solving”, Creative Superpowers shows how to harness the superpowers of Maker, Teacher, Hacker and Thief to ensure your business thrives rather than just survives in the Age of Creativity. 


Hacking Empathy

11th july

Empathy empowers leaders and teams to authentically connect and increase collaboration. In this pilot workshop we help you understand how to address the most common barriers to empathy in the workplace.

blog post

Transphobia & Empathy

For the June edition of our Towards Utopia newsletter we asked Charlie Craggs to write her view on Cultural Intelligence. Charlie’s experiences and advice below are total gold – thank you Charlie! […]


“With Utopia’s support, we’ve created a movement for Inclusion within the business.  We have a depth of knowledge on Inclusion and Diversity as well as nearly 100 Inclusion Ambassadors embedding the messages of Inclusion every day.  Utopia has been a wonderful partner to challenge our thinking and keep us moving towards our ambition.”

Catherine Gillespie, HR Director CCEP

our communities

Culture Social is a community of thought leaders and specialists who gather at free meet-ups and an annual conference to imagine the future of work.

Brand Social is an exclusive network for progressive and senior marketers; a community to share their biggest challenges and build new connections through free meet-ups and an annual conference for only 50 leaders.

Token Man gives men a better understanding of the challenges women face in the workplace. It unites men and women to drive change and deliver more inclusive businesses.