our hacks

We believe that the best way to instigate change in organisations is to inspire your teams to become hackers — people motivated to make things better through many small changes rather than one big one. Our 2 hour virtual workshops tackle the key issues your organisation is facing and provide the tools for your team to disrupt, inspire and ultimately rewire your business. If you would like to find out more about any of our hacks please do get in touch.

purposeful culture


Whatever is happening in the world, our ongoing search for happiness will be the one guaranteed constant. But what is happiness? We question what impacts our happiness, touching on subjects like fear, loneliness, mental health and wellbeing and we introduce the creative superpower of hacking to enable you to come away with actionable changes you can start making tomorrow to help you towards a happier life.


Businesses all too often lose sight of why they were founded; their beliefs, ambitions and values. And in doing so they lose what their customers loved about them in the first place. In this workshop find out about the value of heritage, how to unlock it and how to restore it to the dna of the business.


Purposeful business is a prerequisite for Generation Z talent, yet many businesses believe Purpose is something that can be delivered with a strapline or advertising campaign. In this workshop unlock the DNA of your business to identify your authentic Purpose and win both hearts and minds.

inclusive culture


We unpack what diversity, inclusion and belonging means and share how systemic prejudice shows up in the workplace. Expect to come out with a clear understanding of the barriers people of different ethnicities face, the key levers to overcome these and practical hacks to create an inclusive culture for people of different ethnicities.


In this virtual workshop we'll understand the challenges remote teams face and identify actionable ways to use the levers of Belonging - connection, routine, onboarding, communication, feedback and reward - to ensure we all thrive.


This workshop covers the impact of stereotypes on minority groups and it’s links to unconscious bias, microaggressions and the erosion of psychological safety in the workplace. We identify how organisations contribute towards stereotypes, how these create barriers to inclusion and diversity and the changes you can make to minimise stereotyping and mitigate its impact.


No minority has been able to make change without the help of the majority which simply highlights the role allies hold in shaping a more equal and equitable workplace. This workshop will identify the key barriers that might exist in the workplace which can be overcome through allyship and find small practical solutions (hacks) that we can start doing from tomorrow.


Hiring the right talent can define your success, getting it wrong can be crippling. Diversity of the workforce is not just ‘nice’ it is essential for a business to survive. In this workshop we help you understand how you can hack your current hiring processes to ensure you hire a more diverse workforce and create a happier, more inclusive and productive workplace.


Successful companies must include divergent thinkers—those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and more. This workshop helps you understand the biggest barriers to neuro-inclusion in the workplace and how small changes can make a big difference.

mental health

41% of UK businesses have seen an increase in episodes of mental health issues 
compared to 5yrs ago, yet 52% don't know how best to support their people. This workshop provides valuable insights into how poor mental health is impacting business and how you can make small changes that can benefit everyone in the workplace.


Toxic Masculinity has become a phrase all commonly used - yet what are businesses doing to support their men? This workshop provides valuable insights into how traditional constructs of masculinity are damaging business and how a modern and tender version of masculinity can benefit men as well as everyone else in the workplace.


Modern day loneliness is on the rise and new research has shown that workplace loneliness affects 9m people and is costing UK business £2.5bn annually. In this workshop we will provide valuable insights into how loneliness might be affecting your team and actionable steps you can take to create connection.


The first hacking workshop we developed and the most in demand. This workshop provides a foundational understanding of inclusion enabling your teams and leaders to think wider than diversity. It explores inclusions biggest barriers in the workplace and provides actionable insights on how to overcome them.


27% of the potential workforce come from disadvantaged backgrounds and if we exclude them we’re missing out on potential talent to build business for the future. In this workshop we provide valuable insights into how you can each make small changes to your business to unlock access to a valuable and diverse pool of talent.

care & parenting

Carers make up a large proportion of our UK workforce. Whether it is for children, elderly or disabled relatives, our research shows how stressful and challenging caring for dependents can be. Learn how to identify and hack workplace barriers for carers building a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

entrepreneurial culture


According to the World Economic Forum, Creativity is one of the most desired skills of the future. Yet how many businesses actively invest in the creativity of their staff? In this workshop we share the Creative Superpowers of Maker, Teacher, Hacker and Thief enabling your people to unlock their innate Creativity in actionable ways.


Vulnerability is the root of courage, yet in business we all too often see it as a weakness. This workshop is designed to challenge our myths around vulnerability and explore what could be different if we (our culture, our workplaces and ourselves) recognised vulnerability as strength.


New models of leadership reveal that vulnerability and inclusion are critical - yet how often do we take time to learn and understand this? This workshop will help you understand the key characteristics of a modern leader and will teach you how to use hacking to make small changes to your own leadership style in order to become a more inclusive and successful leader.


Recent studies show that 91% of CEOs believe empathy is directly linked to a company's financial performance and fostering an empathetic culture is one of the best ways to create an engaged, productive workforce. In this workshop we will share how empathy empowers leaders and teams to authentically connect, enhance communication and increase collaboration.