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Utopia believes in the power of community and founded Culture Social, Brand Social and Token Man — communities focused on accelerating inclusive, entrepreneurial and purposeful thinking in business. Through workshops, events and gatherings we encourage members to provoke new thinking, exchange ideas and build connections with some of the most interesting people on the planet.

Brand social

Brand Social exists to re-imagine the future of marketing. Through free meet-ups and a heart-warming and inspirational annual event, our community of thought leaders and brand marketers imagine how to make marketing more impactful, more collaborative and more creative.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have Bruce Daisley, Ellen Jones, Sam Conniff, Sophia Thakur, Jodie Cariss, Melanie Rickey, Stella Duffy, Mr Bingo to name a few speak at our annual conference. If you would like to become part of the Brand Social community do get in touch.

Culture social

Culture Social exists to re-imagine the future of work. Through free meet-ups and an annual conference, our community of thought leaders, HR specialists and business leaders imagine how to make workplaces more inclusive, purposeful and entrepreneurial and how to drive change to achieve this.

Helping guide us along the way is our wonderful Advisory Board which includes Scott Morrison, Adah Parris, Marc Curtis, Bruce Daisley, Georgie Mack, Jenny Varley, to name a few. If you would like to become part of the Culture Social community do get in touch.

Token Man

Token Man was founded to give men a better understanding of the challenges women face in the workplace. At its heart Token Man is about men and women working together to drive change and build more inclusive businesses where gender equality can truly exist.

Every International Mens Day, November 19th, we hold a conference to talk about masculinity in the workplace. A chance for everyone to come together and unpick the tropes of masculinity to make the future more open for all. If you would like to get involved in Token Man do get in touch.

Inclusion Makers

The Utopia inclusion change-maker programme is a community of professionals whose role is to accelerate inclusion and diversity within business. Our role as Utopia is to provide them with the tools to disrupt, inspire, rewire and increase accountability within their respective businesses and wider industries. 

The existing community is made up of 20 people with very different roles across different businesses including BT, Easyjet, Essence, GiffGaff, Harrods, LEGO, Lyreco, Schneider Electric, Sky and Unilever.  If you would like to find out more about the Inclusion Maker community do get in touch.

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Want to build knowledge on inclusion, purpose or entrepreneurialism? Then attend one of our events and join a community of like-minded individuals seeking to drive change.

creative superpowers

Creative Superpowers is a collection of essays which enable you to unlock your inner maker, hacker, teach and thief. These four superpowers empower you and your teams to emerge as fully fledged creative superheroes.

change-makers programme

We've launched a change-makers programme to recruit 20 people to drive change in their businesses. We'd love you to apply - applications close soon.