what we do

Utopia is a culture change business and we enable organisations to build purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures. Culture and belonging have never been more important than now and all our services can be delivered virtually.  Our products and services are organised around our change programmes, accelerates, our suite of mini injections of change, hacks, and our expertise at curating inspirational experiences no matter your audience or need. The foundation of everything we do is our communities and utopians which ensure we remain thought leaders driving the future of work forwards to Utopia. 


Our accelerates are the heart of our strategic culture change programmes. Experience has shown us that culture change can only happen when Leadership Teams come together to be disrupted, inspired and rewire the future they desire to see.

The process starts with insight about team’s perception of the organisation providing the basis for the disruption moment. During the 24 hour accelerate we bring in specialists, research and share best practice to inspire. We culminate by working collaboratively with leadership to rewire what was and create the strategic foundation for long-lasting organisational change.

Through our accelerates we’ve built purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures for large corporations around the globe. We would love to chat about how we can do this for you too.


We believe that the best way to instigate change in organisations is to inspire your teams to become hackers — people motivated to make things better through many small changes rather than one big one. Our 90 min hacking workshops, which can also be delivered virtually, are injections of change designed to tackle the key issues your organisation is facing. Our hacks include Hacking Inclusion, Hacking Mental Health, Hacking Empathy to name just a few. We’d love to introduce hacking to your business – do get in touch.


Our communities, Token Man, Brand Social and Culture Social, and our utopian network drive our thought leadership. Because of this we’re often asked to curate experiences for Brands and deepen learning across business.

That’s why we have an informal speaker agency featuring some of the freshest speakers around. It’s why we have a programme of hacks that create experiential and collective moments of change in your organisation. And why we’re happy to chat about the next programme you’d like us to curate with you.

disrupt, inspire, rewire

Our methodology, disrupt, inspire and rewire, drives forward our culture change programmes. We recognise that to go somewhere we have not been before we have to let go of what we know and be disrupted. To move forward we need new information that can inspire us. And to drive change we must rewire our organisations strategically and collaboratively. It’s a three step methodology which has been proven to work for medium and large corporations alike and we’d love to show you how.

more from us

creative superpowers

Creative Superpowers is a collection of essays which enable you to unlock your inner maker, hacker, teach and thief. These four superpowers empower you and your teams to emerge as fully fledged creative superheroes.

our events

Want to build knowledge on inclusion, purpose or entrepreneurialism? Then attend one of our events and join a community of like-minded individuals seeking to drive change.

inclusion makers programme

Our inclusion maker programme is a community of professionals whose role is to accelerate inclusion and diversity within business. We would love to hear from you if you would like information on the 2021 application process.