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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Alvin Toffler

An important part of our work is thought leadership — we’re continually learning and we’ll always share our thinking with you. We write books, publish snapshot and in-depth reports and create debate. We get excited by learning new stuff and hope you will too.

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Masculinity in the workplace 2020

To coincide with our Masculinity in the Workplace event in 2020, we carried out original research to understand how people are feeling in the workplace in relation to masculinity. This white paper presents the results and details what kind of leadership traits people want to see in the future, how the impact of traditional masculinity is harming everyone during this pandemic and specifically underrepresented groups. We also present solutions for how employers can help accelerate change.

Under 35s in the workplace

This report provides insight into the ways in which Millennials and Gen Z (under 35s) are clashing with certain norms, feeling tremendous pressure to succeed but also susceptible to poor mental health as they are afraid to ask for emotional support at work. We offer solutions for employers to attend better to the needs of younger employees to ensure a mentally healthier and more inclusive workplace.

BIPOC employees in the workplace

Original research we conducted revealed that BIPOC workers feel under immense pressure to uphold a standard of professionalism that favours their white colleagues and are pressured to mask parts of themselves in order to assimilate. This report offers insight into how BIPOC employees are feeling in the workplace and opportunities for employers to start driving change to ensure everyone feels valued and included in the workplace.

Do The Right Thing Report

This report explores the importance of ensuring your business is always doing the right thing and provides a toolkit to build more purposeful workplaces, where the right thing permeates through the business. It specifically covers four key areas: insights into redefining purpose and belonging; redesigning the way we work and a focus on the mentally healthy workplace; finding the problems to hack the solutions; and recommendations for change.

Masculinity in the Workplace Research

To coincide with our Masculinity in the Workplace event in 2019, we carried out original research to understand how people were feeling in relation to Masculinity in the Workplace. This white paper presents the results and details how old stereotypes about masculinity are harming modern employees and how employers can help accelerate change.

Masculinity in the Workplace

Each year we celebrate International Men’s Day with an event to open up the conversation around masculinity. Following our 2018 programme we published a report to share practical solutions for change for business to adopt. The report details five steps to enable men to break free from gender stereotypes and for business to move away from viewing these as key attributes in the workplace.

The Great British Diversity Experiment

Launched in 2016 by co-founders Nadya Powell, Daniele Fiandaca, Laura Jordan Bambach, Jonathan Akwue, Alex Goat and Tolu Farinto this groundbreaking experiment was the first piece of social science research, in association with Flamingo, to make a causal link between diversity and creativity. This report provides practical insights into why diversity works and how you can design businesses that leverage the benefits.

The Business of Creativity

Developed by Utopia with their Brand Social community and The Akin, The Business of Creativity reveals that creativity doesn’t simply inspire; it also delivers measurable value for your business.   The report encourages a fresh approach to the “pretty pictures vs hard numbers” dichotomy and provides practical insights into how investment in creativity pays back while creative stagnation can impact revenues.

Creative Superpowers: Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity

Described as “the modern skillset for creative problem solving” and aimed at unleashing the creativity dormant in everyone, Creative Superpowers shows how to harness the superpowers of Maker, Teacher, Hacker and Thief to ensure your business thrives rather than just survives in the Age of Creativity. 

books we admire

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

By Reni Eddo-Lodge

The Descent of Man

By Grayson Perry

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By Sam Conniff Allende


By Susan Cain

To My Trans Sisters

By Charlie Craggs


By Tim Harford


By Roxanne Hobbs

Dare to Lead

By Brene Brown

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