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At Utopia we hold workshops, meet-ups and experiences culminating in our annual conference Towards Utopia. All use the collective power of community to generate learning, create connections and drive meaningful change in business. We’d love to meet you at one of our events – do come along. And if the event you’re interested in is sold out – get in touch and we’ll pop you on the waiting list.

Hacking Empathy

July 11th, 8.30am, central London
Empathy empowers leaders and teams to authentically connect, enhance communication and increase collaboration. In this pilot workshop we help you understand the most common barriers to empathy in the workplace and how to address them.

Hacking Hiring

September 10th, 8.30am, central London
Hiring the right talent can define your success, getting it wrong can be crippling. Diversity of the workforce is not just ‘nice’ it is essential to build in to your hiring processes for a business to survive. In this pilot workshop we help you understand how you can hack your current hiring processes to ensure you hire a more diverse workforce and create a happier, more inclusive and productive workplace.

Street Wisdom World Wide Wander

21st September, 10am, central London
Street Wisdom is a powerful, guided experience that uses the streets as inspiration. In just three hours of walking and wandering people resolve problems that have dogged them for years, found new business ideas, change careers and learn how to deal differently with life and love. Join us for the World Wide Wander when people will be doing Street Wisdom collectively around the globe.

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Amazing if: Squiggly Careers Live

9th Sept, Charlotte Street Hotel

Join Amazing if to celebrate 100 episodes of the Squiggly Careers podcast. At this live recording you'll get the chance to hear from 3 inspirational guests, including Utopian Pip Jamieson. Like the weekly podcasts this live session will be full of practical advice to help make work a better place for everyone.

BIMA Breakfast Briefing | Neurodivergence and the Technology Industry

2nd July, Central London

In April 2019 BIMA launched their Tech Inclusion & Diversity Report under the stewardship of our very own Nadya Powell. The report revealed both positive and challenging findings for the Neurodivergent community. At this Breakfast Briefing we'll examine the results of the survey and discuss how we can retain, celebrate and empower Neurodivergent individuals. The Neurodivergent are what makes the Digital and Tech Industry brilliant, now let's make the Digital and Tech Industry brilliant for all.

Surviving Sundays

White City Soho House, 14th July

Whether they’re personal, or professional, relationships can also be difficult at times. Mental health platform Survivingsundays.com are hosting a solutions-focussed panel discussion to help build better relationships at White City House on Sunday, July 14th. The discussion will be led by Psychologist and relationship specialist Michelle Bassam and Elizabeth from the Self Space. This event is for Soho House members, but Surviving Sundays has places on their guestlist to friends of Utopia so please drop Emma a line hello@survivingsundays.com

Young Black Business Awards

24th November, Hilton London Bridge

The Young Black Business Awards were founded in 2017 to ensure our next generation of entrepreneurs, visionaries, city builders, leaders and creatives are firmly located in the driver’s seat of the 21 century technological revolution. Co-founded by our very own Tolu Farinto these awards are a must attend if you want to meet the black talent of the future.

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Want to build your knowledge on inclusion, purpose or entreprenurialism? Then check out our publications page for our reports, books and carefully curated reading list.

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Our speakers are different - you won't find them on a typical corporate stage as they are authentic, original voices focussed on changing the world. Invite them into your organisation today.

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We've launched a change-makers programme to recruit 20 people to drive change in their businesses. We'd love you to apply - applications close soon.