The reports and statistics unequivocally layout the benefits inclusion has on a business’s ability to perform. But, at Utopia we don’t believe we should stop at the data – it’s time for action and to hold business to account.  To deliver on this Utopia are proud to launch the Utopia inclusion change-maker programme. The Utopia change-maker programme is free – it’s one way we give back – and will equip you with the tools and knowledge to increase inclusion across industry, thereby driving positive change in the world.


Become a change-maker

If you’re passionate about driving inclusion in business the Utopia inclusion change-maker programme is for you. Kicking off on August 28th in central London this free programme will run from 4.30pm on August 28th to 4.30pm on August 29th and will equip you with the tools to build an inclusive culture as well as connect you to a community of like-minded, inspiring individuals.

Spaces are limited – there are only 20 spaces available – and deciding who will be part of the free programme are our inclusion leaders and campaigners. Our judges will select candidates based on their commitment and passion for building inclusive cultures.

If your funds are limited or you are not based in London please do still apply as support for expenses is available. Applications are now closed if you have any questions please contact Tolu and he will be more than happy to help.

our judges


Ellen Jones

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Pip Jamieson

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Annika Allen

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Asad Dhunna

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Charlie Craggs

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Ete Davies

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Leyya Sattar

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Michelle Morgan

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Roshni Goyate

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Viv Ahmun

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