the utopia team

Our team at Utopia are change-makers focusing on building purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures. We believe in the power of community and draw on our specialist Utopians ensuring we can agilely scale up and down whenever needed.

the founders

Nadya Powell

Nadya Powell is the proud co-founder of Utopia. Her passion for culture change began with the The Great British Diversity Experiment and continued with The So White Project. In April 2019 she launched the BIMA Inclusion and Diversity in Tech Report, the first report into the experience of diverse individuals in the Tech Industry. Nadya co-founded Innovation Social and Culture Social, is on the Executive Committee of BIMA as the chair of the Diversity Committee, on the Advisory Council of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and has written for a plethora of publications.

Daniele Fiandaca

Daniele is the proud co-founder of Utopia. His passion for culture change began with the The Great British Diversity Experiment and continued with Token Man and in 2018 he was listed by Management Today as one of the Top 30 male Agents of Change. He also co-founded and nurtures a number of communities, including Brand Social and Culture Social, which are all focused on accelerating creative and innovative thinking. He has co-edited and co-authored a number of books, including Creative Superpowers: Equip yourself for the Age of Creativity.

the team


Emma Mainoo

During Emma's Marketing career she battled with anxiety and depression so in 2012 Emma began a healing journey which cumulated with the creation of Surviving Sundays, a storytelling platform that offers hope & inspiration to anyone experiencing poor mental health. Emma is now a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and joined Utopia as a Partner heading up the Mental Health Practice.
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Elle Whiteley

Elle started her career in the PR industry before moving to Singapore where she helped to set up a small digital marketing agency. Five years later and back in London she joined Profero making her connection with Daniele and subsequently joining Creative Social and from there it was a quick leap to joining Utopia as an Events Director.
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Neelam Keshwala

Neelam has been working in the social impact space, striving to build a more equitable society wherever she can. Alongside joining Utopia as Change-enabler, Neelam has been running a community for people of colour who create change called DON’T SLEEP ON US with events of over 300 people to uplift, inspire and learn from each other.
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Nora Bank

From a young age Nora believed workplace cultures and society were in need of an update as she researched and wrote many pieces around mental health and gender during her formal education. As a change-maker for Utopia she now gets to put this knowledge into practice while being able to do what she loves most; building inclusive and considerate relationships at work.
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Louise Roberts

Having worked for too many years in client facing roles in the Telecoms world, in 2017 Louise decided it was time for a change and joined Utopia. Learning new skills every day, Louise is currently writing newsletters and content, organising events, researching and generally organising Nadya and Daniele.
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Tolu Farinto

Tolu is a socially conscious entrepreneur who is passionate about opening up opportunities to aspirational people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition to being a Change Maker at Utopia, he is co-founder of The Great British Diversity Experiment, a Co-founder, Director and Ambassador of the Young Black Business Awards, and the Inclusion & Diversity Champion at The Ideas Foundation.
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Ellen Jones

Our latest recruit Ellen comes from a social justice background, with her work specifically looking at the intersections of LGBTQ+ identity, mental health and disability. In 2018, Ellen won the first-ever MTV EMA Generation Change award in recognition of her work. She has worked with businesses all over the world to improve their inclusion, access & engagement with social issues & marginalised communities.
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our utopians


Charlie Craggs

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Hilary Gallo

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Leyya Sattar

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Lizzie Shupak

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Lucy Hobbs

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Michelle Morgan

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Nadia Nagamootoo

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Naomi Jane

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Scott Morrison

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Selma Nicholls

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Lanre Sulola

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Piers Roberts

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Adah Parris

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John Owen

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Asad Dhunna

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Bejay Mulenga

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Ete Davies

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Ian Fooks

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Jo Carnegie

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John Monks

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Marianne Waite

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Nene Parsotam

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Roshni Goyate

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Roxanne Hobbs

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Sulaiman Khan

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Tracey Reid

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