Taking time to think

Our very own Daniele Fiandaca is a Street Wizard, part of a tribe of Wizards using Street Wisdom to answer some of the world’s biggest problems. Find out why Street Wisdom works and why taking part in the next World Wide Wander is so good for your (mental) health.

Being busy is the modern plague and if I was paid a pound every time I was met with the response of ‘I’m busy’ when I ask ‘how are you?’ I’d be a millionaire. The problem with busy is time is all too often taken up by getting stuff done as opposed to working out what stuff to focus on in the first place.

Which is where Street Wisdom comes in. Street Wisdom is a three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university. In the session we teach participants how to tune their brains into the streets and use what is around them to solve their problems. Street Wisdom takes busy and kicks her in the butt asking you to take time out to answer your challenges by hacking your brain to be more creative and to find your own answers from inside.

Which is why on the morning of September 8th I sprung out of bed, despite the pouring rain, with great excitement as Utopia were holding their first ever Street Wisdom as part of the World Wide Wander. And despite this rain we had a full house and just as we briefed our participants, the sun put her hat on and we were treated to a glorious afternoon of sunshine and enlightenment.

Our group were fully prepared to hack their brain and were not short of problems they wanted to solve:

· Why don’t I write more?

· What kind of interests should I find?

· How do I grow my business offering?

· How do I break out of my current cycle?

· How do I balance my life so its most fun, profitable and acceptable to my family?

· How do I better engage my daughter with reading?

· How do I cope with my boss?

· What should I focus on?

· How can I get my poetry out there?

· What am I offering in terms of my business?

Some very big questions which found some very interesting answers. Perhaps my favourite was from Tom who simply mapped out all the skills he has learnt through his career to work where his business offering could go:

This is the 3rd time I have organised a Street Wisdom session and yet again it provided a uniquely creative space to solve some of people’s biggest challenges. It is ironic that each time I have run a session it is the CEOs of businesses that cancel because they are too busy when they are perhaps the ones that need the time and the space the most.