At Utopia we have a deep understanding of what it takes to drive cultural change.  We understand it is not enough to simply start at the top of the business, you have to bring your people with you too.  At Utopia we design programmes that deliver 'whole Business change'.  Our three services detailed below demonstrate how change is as much about inspiring your people, as it is about awakening them to the why, and only with both of these can you effectively re-wire for the future.


Our Communities, Brand Social and Token Man, enable us to have deep insight into the realms of Creativity, Inclusion & Diversity, Leadership and lastly Effective Work Cultures.  They are in essence our Brains Trust.

But what's in it for you?  Well by attending our conferences and reading our publications you and your people will gain inspiration that demands and informs change.  Even better, to have deeper access to our Brains Trust, become a Super Member.  Super Membership means you become an extended part of the Utopia team working with us to define our programme as well as having VIP access to our speakers, events and publications across the year.  To find out more get in touch.

To achieve change you have to Awaken your people to the benefits of change and then enable them to drive the change forward.  This requires a combinations of hacking, training and mutating depending on the scale of change, the organisational readiness and, more pragmatically, the budget.



1.5 hours change sessions with your teams to identify those immediate changes that can have a huge impact.  For our clients we have hacked Inclusion & Diversity, Frameworks to judge creativity, and Vulnerability.



Half day or full day sessions to up-skill your people and enable them to drive change across the organisation.  For our clients we have trained on how to be Innovation Ready, Creativity Skills and embedded effective communication.



Mini-change programmes centred on a days Mutation Session to design change together.  For our clients we have mutated new products & services, a businesses purpose and go to market plans.

Re-wire is our change programme methodology focused on driving fundamental change across our key verticals of Purpose, Inclusion & Diversity and Entrepreneurism.  At the heart of Re-wire is our Accelerate, a two-day intensive workshop focussed on enabling your team to co-create their future.  The Accelerate ends with a feasible, ratified and bought-in strategy for change and moves into the implementation stage with sponsors and stakeholders on board and with a clear roadmap for action.  Our Re-wire programmes are tailor-made for the clients we work with and to find out more get in touch.