Our Communities, Innovation Social, Brand Social and Token Man, enable us to have deep insight into the realms of Innovation, Creativity, Inclusion & Diversity, Leadership and lastly Effective Work Cultures.  They are, in essence our Brains Trust.

But what's in it for you?  Well you can come to our events and read our publications, they are both inspirational and insightful.  Or, if you would like to have deeper access to our Brains Trust, you can become a Super Member.  Super Membership means you become an extended part of the team working with us to define our programme and have VIP access to our events and publications across the year.  To find out more get in touch.


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Creative Superpowers is our latest book from Creative Social aiming to get you ready for The Age of Creativity and launches on June 28th.  At its heart is a collection of essays edited by Creative Superheroes Laura Jordan-Bambach, Daniele Fiandaca, Scott Morrison and Mark Earls.  The essays tackle and unpack four primary superpowers empowering you to develop your skills and emerge as a newly fledged Creative Superhero: Hacking, Making, Teaching and Thieving.  To find out all about our book and to sign-up to receive a copy go here.