The Great British Diversity Experiment: diversity delivers better creative solutions

Our co-founders Daniele and Nadya were two of the team behind The Great British Diversity Experiment; a large scale social science initiative which sought to prove diversity leads to better creative solutions.  

The final report, published in May 2016, details the findings and does indeed demonstrate a casual link between diversity and creativity.  As such the report makes valuable reading for anyone wanting to understand diversity & inclusion and creativity.  

Why the link? Because diversity of thought is required for both innovation and creative thinking as without it ideas are more likely to form from cultural consensus.  As Fast Company explain:

"To be truly innovative, there has to be an exchange of ideas through debate among diverse groups…Innovation requires integrating ideas—combining option A and option B, even if they once seemed mutually exclusive—to create a new and better option.”

To download the report and get fast tracked on diversity & inclusion thinking go here