Token Man interview: Tracy De Groose

Our co-founder Daniele Fiandaca, who co-founded Token Man to give men a better understanding of the challenges women face in business, interviewed Tracy De Groose last week to get her views on diversity & inclusion in the creative industries. Tracy is a passionate advocate of equality for both men and women and you can read the full interview here.

Creative Super Powers: modern skill set for creativity

Hacking, making, teaching, thieving are the super powers needed to make you a creative super hero. What does this mean and how can you access them? Well, luckily for you our co-founder Daniele will give you everything you need to know with his new book Creative Super Powers, co-edited with Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison.  

Due out in Autumn 2017 you can find out all about it here.  

The Great British Diversity Experiment: diversity delivers better creative solutions

Our co-founders Daniele and Nadya were two of the team behind The Great British Diversity Experiment; a large scale social science initiative which sought to prove diversity leads to better creative solutions.  

The final report, published in May 2016, details the findings and does indeed demonstrate a casual link between diversity and creativity.  As such the report makes valuable reading for anyone wanting to understand diversity & inclusion and creativity.  

Why the link? Because diversity of thought is required for both innovation and creative thinking as without it ideas are more likely to form from cultural consensus.  As Fast Company explain:

"To be truly innovative, there has to be an exchange of ideas through debate among diverse groups…Innovation requires integrating ideas—combining option A and option B, even if they once seemed mutually exclusive—to create a new and better option.”

To download the report and get fast tracked on diversity & inclusion thinking go here

Unconscious bias: what is it and its impact

Unconscious bias is at danger of becoming a buzz word with practitioners springing up left, right and centre. So how can you navigate this important yet complex field to ensure it is not having a negative impact on decision-making at work? Our co-founder Daniele Fiandaca spoke to business leaders about their thoughts and opinions once they took the Harvard Implicit Bias test and what they will go on to do differently. Read all about it here.

Innovation Stories: full line-up confirmed

Crowd Hands.jpg

Our co-founder Nadya runs Innovation Social, a collective of Innovation leaders across the UK with the aim of embedding innovation thinking across organisations.  Every year Innovation Social hold their summit, Innovation Stories, to fast-track innovation thinking across business.

This year the programme includes a round-up of SXSW, the hottest start-ups, case studies of Innovation as well as a deep-dive on new talent thinking. To read all about it go here.