Daniele Fiandaca named as an Agent of Change

Management Today has released their 2018 Agents of Change list which we're very proud to announce includes our very own Daniele. Daniele sits alongside a very auspicious bunch of people which includes Marc Allera, CEO of EE and Yann Borgstedt, President and founder, The Womanity Foundation. 

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The Management Today Agents of Change list is published in partnership with the Women’s Business Council and shines a spotlight on the 'manbassadors' who are championing gender equality and challenging the status quo.  This year’s list was judged by Management Today alongside Hilary Spencer, director of the Government Equalities Office; Richard Robinson of Econsultancy; and Denis Woulfe, member of the Women's Business Council and former vice chair of Deloitte.

Well done Daniele! Be inspiried. And push for change.  Read more here.

Utopia partners with RARE London

RARE, a leadership school for Rare creative doers and thinkers, launches today and we're very proud to announce that Nadya, Utopia co-founder, is the co-chair of London alongside Laura Jordan-Bambach and Emily Kortlang.  Rare takes place on 21st - 23rd April and was launched in Sydney in 2017 as a partnership between the powerhouses of Google, D&AD and The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.


Rare aims to improve the diversity of the creative industries and all applicants have to submit their 'rare' credentials in order to achieve a place.  The creative industries, despite relying on diversity of thought to survive, suffer from a shocking under-representation of diverse talent.

If you are a rare individual and want to accelerate your career and take the next step to leadership you can apply here.  

Utopia hold Fear Hack with Hilary Gallo


At Utopia we hold quarterly meet-ups for our Utopians, our collective of business and culture change specialists, and this month we held a Fear Hack with the wonderful Hilary Gallo.  The session focussed on discussing and reframing the idea of fear and to do this we talked about fear in an open way and got to understand that fear was not quite the big deal we thought it was.   

A huge thank you to Hilary as the session changed our thinking and is most certainly a workshop series we will incorporate into our client work.

Innovation Stories conference launches for 6th year

Innovation Social, the Innovation Community Utopia curates, holds the premier Innovation Conference each year and is proud to announce the line-up for April 25th, 2018.  For 2018 we're focusing on on four chapters of Innovation: Innovation case-studies, SXSW wrap-up, Innovation Culture and a deep dive into Cross-reality.   We're also over-the-moon to announce a partnership with VR-LO, the biggest meet-up group for those passionate about XR.  To find out about the full-line up go here and to purchase tickets go here.

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Brand Social launch 'Locals' programme

Brand Social, Utopias community of Brand leaders, has launched a 'Locals' programme of inspirational sessions that enable Brand leaders to network with their peers and be inspired by the power of creativity.  We kicked-off our first Local session at Lego and tackled the subject of Play - how play brings us closer to audiences but most interestingly makes us more efficient and successful at work.

After an inspirational talk from Sam Ball on 'thinking like a kid' we had a panel discussion with Anna Rafferty, BBC Worldwide, Elizabeth Valleau, Facebook, Iain Sawbridge, Beano and James Poulter, Lego.

A huge thank you to Sara and James for hosting us and if you would like to join the Brand Social community and are a senior marketeer please don't hesitate to get in touch.


#HeANDShe x Token Man Fathers Event

We've been to many Inclusion & Diversity conferences over the years and the one thing that is all too frequently missing are men.  For whatever reason they feel the conversation is not for or about them.  So we decided to change this and partnered our I&D initiative Token Man with Roxanne Hobbs #HeANDShe series to curate a fathers event - bringing to the fore the challenges men have combining being an active parent with the demands of work.

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The line-up was featuring Hamish Nicklin from The Guardian, Andrew De Goose, Nadia Nagamootoo, James Spinney and Tom Beardshaw.  Even more importantly we had an audience packed full of men ready to lean-in and take action. A huge thanks to Coca-Cola European Partners who kindly supported the conference and made it possible.

Innovation Social goes Global

The Innovation Social Team, one of the communities within the Utopia family, has launched Innovation Social stateside by holding our first ever Innovation Social Global outside of the UK.  The topic we tackled was 'How do you sustain Innovation for the long-term?' and we focussed on the ingredients of Innovation including Innovation Culture, Processes and People.

All in all 50 Innovation leaders and thinkers from VCs, Brands, Consultancies, Media platforms and Agencies gathered together to shape the future of Innovation and the discussions continued well into the night.  A huge thank you to Betaworks and The Mill for hosting us and TDA Creative, Google and EQT Ventures for partnering with us to make Innovation Social Global possible.

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Brand Social Global: The Art and Business of Creativity

Twice a year we hold Global meet-ups of our Brand Social community to inspire, network and drive positive change.  For our October Global, hosted by our London community, we focussed on the Art and Business of Creativity a meaty subject which on first hearing sounds like a contradiction.  As we quickly found out, over a day and night, Art and Business can work together and to share the love we will be publishing our findings in the next few months.  You heard it hear first.


A huge thank you to Mr Bingo, The Akin, Mark Earls, Karen Boswell, Nick Blunden and Paula Zuccotti for sharing their incredible insight into how creativity can both save the world, and save business.