Welcome to Utopia

Utopia is a place that can never be reached but must always be strived for – first coined by the philosopher and humanist Sir Thomas More in 1516. After attending the Somerset House celebration of 500 years of Utopia, Daniele and Nadya realised More’s “New Island Utopia” perfectly described their aspiration for driving positive change in business. Just like Utopia, the perfect business will never be created, but must always be strived for. It was a real light bulb moment and Utopia was born.

our purpose

Rewiring Business for the Age of Creativity

Nadya and Daniele founded Utopia as a reaction to the negative cultures they saw in workplaces every day. Having successfully founded The Great British Diversity Experiment, The So White Project, Token Man and Creative and Innovation Social they knew there was a better way to do business. So in 2017 they founded Utopia with the purpose to Rewire Business for the Age of Creativity.

Utopia aim to transform business culture from exclusive, hierarchical, silo’d and unengaged to instead be purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial. Today we consult, accelerate and hack some of the worlds largest and leading organisations to think creatively and behave inclusively – rewiring business from the inside out.

our ambition

75% of the UK workforce currently feel disengaged from their jobs* which is heart breaking as we spend over half our lives working. Our ambition is to turn this statistic on its head. We’ll only rest when it’s the 75% who love their work, enabling business to thrive and grow, and we’ll keep striving towards that goal.

*Source: The Institute of Customer Service

I’d rather have an economy built on ideas and creativity than routine.

Kevin Kelly, Wired

our values

When you’re called Utopia your values are central to guiding your behaviour every day. These are the values we and our Utopians work by:

generous & kind

through kindness you can accomplish anything. We share, have empathy and give back; we support initiatives like Token Man and our change-maker programme; we make recommendations and introductions without expecting anything in return; we advise, mentor and support; we pay our Utopians before we get paid.

work smarter & solve together

we love working with brilliant people and organisations to make the world a better place. There are so many amazing specialists out there — why not work with them? Just as importantly — we’re always transparent with our partnerships or relationships.


we believe business is better when everyone can be themselves and be valued for it. Put simply, when everyone belongs. And, of course, as an inclusive business we support flexibility, remote working, whatever you need, whoever you are.


we’re always learning and want to share our learning — that’s why our quarterly training is open to staff, Utopians, clients and followers. We believe reflection is crucial and feedback is powerful. Do tell us what you think so Utopia can get better. We’re constantly connecting with new communities and new ways of thinking. We want to learn from other lived experiences to build empathy and understanding.

hack the system

we know that making lots of small changes on a regular basis can bring about culture change. A hackers always looks for the part that is broken. We encourage everyone in the organisation to fix what is broken by creating new and clever outcomes. We call it hacking.


we believe that the root of courage is vulnerability and that without vulnerability we can’t make connections, learn from failure or really know ourselves. We embrace vulnerability and through our That’s Me That Is methodology we create psychological safety ensuring everyone can be themselves.

be utopian

we want to make the world a better place and to do that we have to imagine what that might be. We are always imagining future worlds and how we have to drive change to make them a reality. Utopia is a place that you can never reach but always aspire to and we’re going to have a lot of fun getting there.

our clients

We’re proud of and grateful to the world class organisations we partner with to drive change. It’s not easy constantly striving for Utopia but with our clients by our side we know anything is possible.

towards utopia


creative superpowers

Described as “the modern skillset for creative problem solving”, Creative Superpowers shows how to harness the superpowers of Maker, Teacher, Hacker and Thief to ensure your business thrives rather than just survives in the Age of Creativity. 


masculinity in the workplace

We are excited to announce our annual event ‘Masculinity in the Workplace’ is back on the 19 November. Join us to learn the skills required to create courageous, empathetic leadership and help to drive real change in the workplace.


hacking religion

This virtual workshop will provide you with an actionable framework to better understand how to include all religions within your workplace culture along with practical steps on how to implement it.


“With Utopia’s support, we’ve created a movement for Inclusion within the business.  We have a depth of knowledge on Inclusion and Diversity as well as nearly 100 Inclusion Ambassadors embedding the messages of Inclusion every day.  Utopia has been a wonderful partner to challenge our thinking and keep us moving towards our ambition.”

Catherine Gillespie, HR Director CCEP